PhD Admission - Welcome!

Welcome to the PhD (Autumn Session) Admission site for the academic session 2023-24 for the PhD Programmes of Gauhati Uiversity. 

The admission to the PhD Programmes at GU is a highly competitive process and prospective PhD applicants need to go through the Central Application Process (CAP). You can have an overview of the current research papers, published in reputed international journals by visiting our Research Highlight section. The controllig office of the PhD Admission and the PhD Programmes is the Office of the Academic Registrar, GU.

General Information & GURET

Prospective applicant can apply for PhD in the available disciplines. Majority of the subjects in which a student can do a PhD at GU are closely linked to one or more departments. An applicant can select a maximum of two options to appear in the eligibility examination known as GU Research Eligibility Test or simply  GURET in two disciplines.